Have Potholes Been Tough on Your Car This Winter?

Imagine driving down the road on your way to work in Livonia. The sky, streaked with the pink and blue shades that define sunrise, provides the perfect backdrop for your morning commute. Suddenly, you notice a big bump in the road, but it’s too late to maneuver your vehicle away from that pothole. Will that cause damage to your vehicle? It depends.

We’ve all been there. Potholes often seem to come out of nowhere, especially during the winter time when the roads get covered in ice, snow, or rain. The winter weather can make potholes less visible, which can cause even the most cautious drivers to hit them. If you do hit a pothole, we want you to know that you are in good company. Potholes are often unavoidable for drivers in the Farmington, MI area. Unfortunately, you’ll have to schedule service for your vehicle as soon as possible to avoid even more costly repairs. If you suspect that your car needs an inspection and repair, then we invite you to come to Bill Brown Ford. What damage can potholes cause to your vehicle? Your car can experience:

  • Damage to the rims
  • Excessive wear on your tires
  • Unbalanced or punctured tires
  • Alignment issues
  • Damage to your suspension or steering systems
  • …and more!

How do you know if your vehicle sustained damage from that nasty pothole? You might initially notice a dent or deformation on your rims. Your tires might start to bulge or go flat, and you could need to replace your tire with a spare before driving on the streets of Redford, MI. In the more extreme cases, you might also notice fluids leaking out of the bottom of your vehicle. We can help you diagnose any potential damage to your vehicle at our tire service department.

Get ready for a more confident commute this spring by making an appointment at Bill Brown Ford. Our tire service experts will take a look at your vehicle and recommend any urgent repairs. We look forward to assisting with your repairs so that you can navigate the streets of Westland, MI and beyond with the utmost confidence!

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