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Dear Bill Brown Family,

We want you to know that we hear you and we are here for you. We will be reopening our service and sales departments on April 15th. Sales will be remote per the Governor's orders. Service will be by appointment only and we will not be allowing customers to wait for their vehicle while the work is being performed.

While we realize these are not ideal circumstances our primary goal is to do whatever we can to keep you, our team, and our community safe.  An essential part of safety is to ensure that, in this trying time, all of our customers are able to drive to and do essential things like get groceries or go to a doctor's appointment.  This is why we chose to reopen sales and service in the most responsible way we could.  Limiting customers' physical access to the dealership, and striving to be contactless whenever we can,  these are not the only things we have done to keep everyone safe.  Processes have changed throughout our dealership to ensure our employees are safe and your vehicle fully disinfected before it returns to you.  We hope you will bear with us.  To make things safer for all, some steps may take a bit more time. 

While this isn't business as usual, we Michiganders stick together and we will be here for you when you need us.

Thank you from all of us at Bill Brown Ford.