I wanted to thank eveyone for your support, enthusiasm, and genuine goodwill towards our dealership and let you know that we found out early this morning that Bill Brown Ford is now the 2nd largest Ford Dealer in the world. We missed #1 by 58 cars but this is not a sad moment for us. To our wonderful sales staff and customers we couldn't be prouder even if we had taken the crown this year. You may not have known it but we were the underdog by far in this fight and it took a truly exceptional team to have gotten this close.

I think we all need a minute to take a collective breath in celebration and relaxation after this exciting photo finish. Tomorrow the clock ticks on and we all get to lace up those shoes again and take aim at what's going to be a fantastic 2020 for us all. I can't say enough how thankful I am to be a part of such a stellar team in a wonderful community supported by the amazing company that Ford Motor is. It is a testament to you, our staff, and Ford that a Livonia MI-based dealership could be so consistently competitive nation-wide.

While we weren't able to "Bring it back" in 2019, I personally think 2020 looks better on a trophy anyway. Don't you think 2020 has a nice round feel to it? Way nicer than 2019. With a community like we have, and our heartfelt commitment to serve you in the best we can every single day, I think 2020 can be the 1st year that a Detroit dealer finally takes the crown.