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Bill Brown Cares

Bill Brown Cares

Bill Brown is the largest AXZ Plan dealership in the country, we provide more discounts to Ford employees than any other dealership in Michigan and across the US. We fully accept the responsibility of this designation; that is why it is so important for us to give back to our neighbors across the State of Michigan.

Our charity focus remains the same today as it was in 1914, when we sold our first Ford. We are committed to helping charities and organizations that help the people of Michigan move forward. We found that we can have the most impact and truly make a difference in our community by focusing our efforts on non-profit organizations that feed, educate, clothe, and improve the health and welfare of our community.

In the Spring of 2020, the world stopped, and our local organizations needed an extra hand and we were there. Bill Brown increased support to ensure we were doing everything we could.

Today, after the past few years, we all will look at life a little differently. That’s because we’ve all spent so much time in one place. It’s given us a whole new appreciation for movement. Not only the value of moving freely. But the importance of moving forward. At Bill Brown Ford, we see it as our job to ensure that our customers and our community stay in that gear. Driving swiftly forward, but more importantly, taking the best route. We believe we have a responsibility to understand the lifestyle that our customers see in their future and the life that every member of our community deserves to see as their future. Even though we may not be the ones behind the wheel of your life or the lives of other members of our community, we see it as our responsibility to help everyone move in the right direction.

That’s what drives us. At Bill Brown Ford, we are committed to steering the path to a better tomorrow. We are focused on the future of our customers, our community, and the dealership experience. We provide an innovative and seamless automotive sales and service experience that makes it easier for our customers to achieve their lifestyle goals and personal milestones. This future-focused ethos extends to our community, where we actively and meaningfully contribute to the realization of progress for those in need. We are continuously innovating our business approach to ensure we are well-equipped to deliver on these commitments each day.

To help our customers and every member of our community realize the future is the best future possible.

Reframe the dealership as a reliable partner in consumer and community progress. To do this, we are implementing a series of programs to guide our customers and our community as they start new journeys.

This is more than just ensuring that we deliver the right car and service to keep people moving forward. We already do that, and for over 100 years, we’ve proven we are the best in Metro Detroit at delivering on that promise. Through Bill Brown Cares, we’re providing the funding and support to ensure everyone in our community is able to move forward.

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Bill Brown Ford Is Unique

Unlike our competitors, who prioritize their own goals over those of their customers, Bill Brown Ford is the only automotive retail and service experience that are partners in the progress of our customers and our community. We are by your side. We’re also by the side of our immediate and extended community in Livonia, Canton, Westland, Farmington, Novi, South Lyon, Dearborn, Plymouth, Northville, Ann Arbor, and Metro Detroit. Only Bill Brown Ford has the vision, leadership, and passion to help our customers successfully navigate every step of their automotive journey with ease and help everyone in our community move forward in life toward the future they envision.

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Supporting the community is what we do


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