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Commercial Vehicle Alignment in Livonia, MI

When was the last time you had the alignment checked on your fleet of vehicles? Did you know that if any of the vehicles in your fleet are out of alignment, they could be damaging your bottom line? Allow the Bill Brown Fleet Center in Livonia to ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is properly aligned so we can help save you money and keep your fleet on the road.

Below are five of the most important reasons to have the alignment checked on your fleet of vehicles…

We can extend the longevity of your tires...

Tests have shown that 70% of the vehicles on the road today would benefit tremendously from being properly aligned. Do you know if your wheels are misaligned, and how much they could be costing you? Properly aligned wheels can reduce tire wear by up to 30%.

We can help to improve your fuel economy...

Having your vehicle properly aligned can save you, an average of at least 2% on your annual fuel costs. By having the Bill Brown Fleet Center in Livonia properly align your fleet, we can reduce rolling resistance which will allow your vehicle to use less energy while traveling down the road.

Our factory-trained technicians can diagnose issues before they get out of hand and become more costly down the road...

While checking your alignment, our factory-trained technicians will also inspect your vehicle to identify any issues which could potentially evolve into larger, more costly repairs down the road. There are many variables that could cause alignment issues, and most don't happen all at once so drivers may not notice problems as they develop.

We will provide proper alignment by utilizing factory-trained technicians and accurate equipment...

As service professionals, we fully understand that in order for a vehicle to operate safely and efficiently, all axles must be perpendicular to the chassis centerline. For this very reason, we use only the most advanced equipment and highly trained technicians in our shop.

"Peace of Mind" is an added bonus you get by having the Bill Brown Fleet Center in Livonia check your alignment...

Take "piece of mind" knowing that you have taken all of the proper steps to ensure the safety, comfort, and handling of the vehicles within your fleet by having your alignment service completed by the Bill Brown Fleet Center in Livonia.

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