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Can You Take Over a Lease?

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If you want to get into a new ride for your Westland commute, you might want to consider taking over a lease so you don’t have to make the commitment of a long-term lease. A car lease takeover is a great way to get a vehicle quickly for your Canton drives, however, there are some things to consider prior to taking over a lease. So, let’s learn how to take over a car lease with the experts at Bill Brown Ford for more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

How To Take Over a Car Lease

So, let’s take a look at how to take over a car lease. When taking over a car lease, it’s quite similar to leasing a brand new car: you’re leasing the vehicle for a specific amount of time and you’re agreeing to adhere to mileage restrictions. However, the mileage allowed, usually 1,000 each month, depends on the driving habits of the previous driver. Also, just like when you lease a new vehicle, the payments are determined based on the vehicle’s value at the end of the lease, and at your lease-end, you can either return the vehicle to your local Redford dealership or purchase it.

Car Lease Takeover Pros & Cons

There are a few advantages and disadvantages when you learn how to take over a car lease. Let’s check out some of these factors below to help our valued Garden City customers make the best decision for their circumstances:


  • No down payment
  • No new-car upfront depreciation and other costs
  • Likely still under warranty
  • Possible cash incentives from the original lease


  • Transfer fees
  • You inherit the monthly payment as it is
  • Possible wear and tear from the previous owner
  • Mileage restrictions

When you need a vehicle quickly for your Garden City commute, a lease takeover could be a viable option for you. It is important to note that although it is more straightforward when beginning the lease, you should keep in mind that additional charges or fees could appear throughout the lease. This is just something to be aware of, and if you have any questions, feel free to stop by Bill Brown Ford if you have any questions.

Lease a New Car with Bill Brown Ford Today!

So, can you take over a car lease? Yes! A car lease takeover is a great way to get on the Redford roads fast and will cost less upfront. If you’re interested in a lease takeover or want to lease a new car, meet with our finance center and take advantage of our lease specials to save near Plymouth and Westland!

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