Bill Brown Ford World’s #1 Ford Dealer For Third Consecutive Year

January 3rd, 2024 by

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Livonia, MI, Ford dealer focuses on customers, family, staff, and community to keep #1 title and navigate a difficult year, including the UAW strike, challenging interest rates, and losing their visionary leader.

Livonia, MI (January 3rd, 2024): Bill Brown Ford has been named the World’s #1 volume Ford Dealership for a third year. This year’s win is especially significant following the tragic loss in March of Ed Brown, Bill Brown’s visionary leader for the past 50 years. Mr. Brown’s unique approach to new vehicle sales places employees, family, community, and customers first. It enabled him to build Bill Brown Ford into an extraordinary dealership, and it’s what his son Tom Brown, who took over the reins of the dealership after his father’s passing credits for this year’s win. 

“My father created a unique dealership environment that consistently exceeds customer expectations. It’s something you don’t see enough of today. We empower all our employees to grow and contribute to our customers’ and dealership’s long-term success. Said Tom Brown, dealership principal of Bill Brown Ford. Our unique approach to customer service, community involvement, and the wellbeing of our employees is the cornerstone of what makes Bill Brown Ford so special and why we’re #1 for a third year.” 

Ed Brown built Bill Brown into the #1 Ford Dealership in the World, believing they needed to do more than sell cars. He felt that to succeed, everyone at the dealership needed to be an integral part of and continually strive to uplift and empower the Livonia, Wayne Country, and Metro Detroit communities they are a part of.  

For over 50 years, Ed Brown treated everyone who came into the dealership like family. He believed their customers were not just buyers; they were neighbors, friends, and family, some of whom have been returning for over 40 years for their vehicle needs. Several of Bill Brown’s employees are equally loyal and committed to the dealership, having worked there for over 40 years. This deep-rooted connection to the local community defines and sets Bill Brown apart today as more than just a dealership.   

“At Bill Brown Ford, our mission is simple: treat everyone like family and provide the best new car sales and service experience possible. That’s why we’re so successful. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in every area of our dealership. Said Dave Tashman, General Manager of Bill Brown. Everyone from our sales and service staff to our leadership, assistants, and support staff works together to provide our customers with the best experience.”  

Anyone can win on price, but at Bill Brown Ford, we’ve proven that if you deliver for your customers, you can become the largest Ford dealership in the world.  In 2024, we’re continuing to find new ways to improve and simplify the car purchase journey while remaining true to our customer-first approach.   

Bill Brown Ford’s relationship with their customers transcends the moment of sale. With many of their customers, they’ve built a lifelong friendship.  Ed Brown believed the dealerships’ responsibility extended beyond the initial purchase, encompassing every aspect of a customer’s Ford ownership experience.  This singular commitment is still in place today, and it drives employees to innovate in ways other dealerships cannot and develop new ways to deliver more meaningful experiences for Bill Brown customers and the community. With this win, Bill Brown proves that if you deliver for your customers, you can be the #1 Ford dealership in the World.  

We’re not just selling someone a car; we ensure that every mile they travel in their new Ford is as enjoyable as the first, said Matt Garchow, Sales Manager of Bill Brown. At Bill Brown, we’ve redefined the car-buying experience.  We uniquely provide a single dedicated sales associate who is your guide and advocate from start to finish, ensuring everyone that enters our dealership finds the perfect vehicle for life’s adventures.” 


About Bill Brown Ford 

In the heart of Livonia, Michigan, Bill Brown Ford has revolutionized dealership operations for over 100 years. The dealership credits its success to its unique approach to new vehicle sales that is firmly rooted in family values, customer satisfaction, and community engagement. It’s clear across all dealership operations, particularly in their integrated sales and service experience, that their customers always come first. This approach simplifies processes, aiding customers in reaching their personal goals and milestones by seamlessly blending online and in-person interactions for tracking vehicles, transactions, orders, and promotions. 

In addition to its commitment to exemplary dealership operations, Bill Brown Ford actively contributes to the local community through its Bill Brown Cares initiative. Through this program, they provide vital support to charities and organizations dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of Michigan residents. Furthermore, they prioritize funding the education and career training of the next generation of technicians, innovators, and industry leaders.