Dealer Insider: The All-New 2024 Ford Ranger Explained & Final Year Of The Edge

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2024 Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor, & Final Year of Ford Edge Ordering At Bill Brown Ford 

The automotive world is constantly evolving, with new models and innovations emerging every year. Ford enthusiasts and prospective buyers eagerly turn to trusted sources for insights and expert opinions to keep up with the latest updates. Among these trusted voices is Bill Brown Ford’s DealerInsider, a web series that provides an exclusive glimpse into the dynamic world of automobiles. In the latest episode, Sales Support Manager Dan and Sales Support Rep Melissa discuss the highly anticipated 2024 Ford Ranger, the exhilarating 2024 Ford Ranger Raptor, and an important announcement regarding the final year of ordering for the beloved Ford Edge. Get ready to dive into the exciting details as we unpack the highlights of this engaging episode!


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Explore The 2024 Ranger At Bill Brown Ford In Livonia, MI

The 2024 Ford Ranger impresses with its bold design and a range of innovative technologies that seamlessly blend style, performance, and functionality. Explore a comprehensive overview of the truck’s enhanced towing capacity, advanced safety features, and state-of-the-art infotainment system. With the Ranger’s reputation for versatility and durability, it’s no surprise that this next-generation model promises to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Dan: Hey, guys. Back with a New Dealer insider talking about the 2024 Ford Ranger, and if everybody doesn’t know, the Ranger has been around forever, kind of like me. I remember when the Ranger was like this tiny little truck that older adults drove, and it was not that cool. However, Ford has recently changed the build. They’ve changed the look, and it’s way more sporty. Melissa, have you been inside one yet? 

Melissa: I have. We’ve had a couple come through the dealership, so I have sat in on those and got to take a look at them. Ford has totally made this car to be an off-road truck. So that is something you are interested in. This Ford truck is perfect for you. 

Dan: Yeah, full utility with enough space that you can fit a couple of friends in there, which is fun. The order banks are open now, which is great. And the order banks do close depending on how many vehicles we have and what we call allocation of vehicles, which being the number one Ford dealer in the country, closes fast. So if you want to get your hands on the 2024 Ford Ranger, now is the time. 

Dan: Have you been in the new Raptor Ranger yet? 

Melissa: I have not, but I’ve seen them from the outside. They look so nice. 

Dan: Yeah, I can attest I’ve driven one. It is awesome, especially in Michigan. You got sand dunes up north and rough terrain. And even if you have to go to Ohio, Hocking Hills is really cool. But have you been there before? That was very, very cool. 

Melissa: One great thing about the Ranger is they’ve made it almost better for towing, so there’s a better towing package on there. So if you’re interested in Towing Camper like we were just talking about going up north, it’s great for that as well. 

Dan: Yeah, it works out well. Every year the utility of the vehicles constantly changes with Ford upgrades. They got the new 2.7 engine now, which is a powerful upgrade. 

Melissa: They put new shocks on this model too. So even the off-roading is going to be a little bit more comfortable for you as well—a little bit more leisure. 

Melissa: Other than the Ranger Raptor, what other trim levels can you get? 

Dan: So they have multiple, but you have the XL, which is kind of like your basic do-everything vehicle. The Ranger XLT is the bread and butter. This trim is the most desirable and usually what you’ll see on the road, especially here in Michigan. And then you got your Lariat trim, which is like the luxury version. It has leather and all that cool features. Lastly, the Ranger Raptor that’s all souped up Big Wheels with a little extra kick. Ford has added the cool cactus gray and Azure Gray in new colors for this year. 

Melissa: And it looks awesome. 

Dan: Have you seen the shelter Green one yet? 

Melissa: I have yet to see that. I have seen it in person, but it looks very, very cool. Yeah. So definitely a good color Ford came out with. 

Dan: So, what you guys got to do is get to Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, Michigan, or contact your salesperson or call in in one of our reps can get with you. Order banks close as soon as availability is gone, which can happen at any time.

Dan: All right. So we’ve been talking a lot about the Ranger, which is fun and exciting. Let’s not forget about our friend, The 2024 Ford Edge. This is going to be the last year of production for the Edge. Order Banks are open now at our local Livonia Ford Dealer. It is the last hurrah for the Edge, so don’t miss your chance! Now’s the time to do it. It’s been a favorite of everybodys for years and years. 

Melissa: Favorite, for sure. 

Dan: They’re carrying everything over from the 2023 model year. Everything that you’ve liked in the past is still there. Do not miss your chance to order. 

Dan: Melissa, how do customers get a hold of us to order? 

Melissa: They can either call us at 734-452-1024 or go to There is a chat there where you can talk to me or one of our other assistants. We’ll be able to take care of you.


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