Dealer Insider Tips: Understanding Ford Price Protection 

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Understand Ford Price Protection & Ford Incentive Protection

If you’re in the market for a new Ford vehicle, you may have heard about the Ford Price Protection Program, also known as Ford Incentive Protection. This program provides customers peace of mind by protecting them against price increases that may occur between ordering their new Ford and when it is delivered. At Bill Brown Ford, we understand the excitement of purchasing the car of your dreams. That’s why we are thrilled to offer you fantastic deals on our selection of vehicles. With Ford’s new Incentive Protection Program, you can lock in your incentives when you order your next vehicle with us. We believe that our customers should never have to hold out for a “better” deal, which is why we offer this program to ensure you get the best price possible. When you lock in your incentives, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t miss out on any future specials.

This week Bill Brown, Ford Sales Development Manager, Dan, and Sales Support Rep, Melissa, break down the Ford Price Protection program and answer common customer questions to ensure you get the best deal. So, how does Ford Price Protection work, what should you know before custom ordering, and what are the benefits of participating in the program?


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What is Ford Price Protection?

At Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI, you can take advantage of Ford’s Incentive Protection Program by locking in your incentives when you custom order your next vehicle. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of waiting for a potentially better deal or high incentive months. With this program, if the specials available at the time of delivery are better than when you placed your order, you’ll receive the better deal! Our experienced sales team is dedicated to providing you with a stress-free and transparent custom order experience. So don’t wait any longer – order your new Ford today and let us help you take advantage of the Incentive Protection Program! We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

How to Custom Ordering a New Ford at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI

Experience the quickest and simplest personalized car-buying experience with our exclusive online configuration tool that allows you to customize a new Ford truck, SUV, or commercial vehicle based on the model and features you prefer when you place a custom order. Unlike buying from the available inventory on the lot, your tailored order guarantees that you get exactly what you want. Bill Brown will inform you once your order request has been accepted, giving you access to updates and resources to track your order. At the time of delivery, you will sign the “Purchase Agreement,” which confirms your agreement to purchase the car from your dealer. At this time, Price Protection kicks in, ensuring you are getting the best deal. 


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Breaking Down Price Protection 

Melissa: Today, we’re going to be talking about price protection. I’m super interested because it’s something I’m not really sure about, so I’m very interested to hear what you say about it. 

Dan: Yeah, we get a lot of questions on Ford Price Protection and exactly what it is and how it works. Essentially, it’s when you custom order a vehicle at Bill Brown Ford. 

So, you came in today, ordered your vehicle, sat down with the salesperson, and came up with what incentives you qualify for, what your payments will be, the price of the car, and so forth. At this time, your price is protected until the delivery of your new vehicle. So in a few months, when your new vehicle arrives at the dealership. You can look at that point and say, are the deals better now, or were they better when I ordered it? You get to pick. It’s the best of both worlds, so whatever one’s better for you is the deal we go with, and then you structure it from there.

Melissa: As a customer, can you be proactive about anything when custom ordering or renewing your lease? 

Dan: The main thing is to know when your lease is ending. 

Dan: You want to ensure that you’ve contacted your salesperson or been in contact with them before. The one thing you don’t want to happen is you wake up today and realize my lease expired last week. 

Dan: Ford Credit usually will not extend your lease out for you if that happens. So now you’re stuck trying to find something off the lot. If you custom order before your lease expires, FordCredit will take your order number and extend your lease until your new custom-ordered car comes in. Visiting the dealer earlier is better than waiting until your lease is up. 

Melissa: Let’s say, for example, a customer ordered a vehicle in 2022. Maybe it was a little bit late, and it got cut off from production. So now it’s turning into a 2023 custom-ordered vehicle. Do you still get price protection? 

Dan: Yeah, you get that model changeover. That happens a lot of times. So you’ve come in, ordered a 22 model, and there is a delay, so Ford builds it out and produces it as a 23 model year instead. When that happens, Ford doesn’t guarantee the 22 model year pricing for the 23 model year. But they will step in and give us a rebate to offset some of that cost. Typically, you end up being close to or exactly at what you wanted in the first place. To that point, make sure if you’re getting close, now’s the time to do this because in the future, there’s no guarantee that Ford will keep the Price Protect Program going or that they will still offer those rebates. So take advantage of it while you can’t do it now. 

Melissa: So now, with it being the new month of March, I’m sure customers, and I am wondering, are there any deals going out this month? 

Dan: There are always a lot of deals! It’s an excellent time to come in or check out our online deals because March offers many different Lease specials, incentives, and offers that are able to be locked in for Price Protection. 



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