Don’t Dream it- Drive it! Customize Your Ford Maverick with 3D Printed Accessories

July 13th, 2022 by

3D Printed Ford Maverick cup holder and center console accessories at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MIThe Maverick is an affordable, versatile truck designed to be customized, allowing drivers to turn their mid-sized pickup into a vehicle that meets their ever-changing lifestyle needs. With endless customization options, spacious interiors, and plenty of technology, you won’t have to compromise on your dream car.

Ford’s Integrated Tether System- FITS

The Ford Maverick lets your creativity run wild with Ford’s Integrated Tether System. FITS is a series of slots built into the vehicle at the rear of the center console and under-seat storage bins. The system’s slots serve as receivers for a series of mounts that allow customers to house various accessories. Not only will Ford’s Integrated Tether System work with Ford aftermarket accessories, but also with accessories owners create on their own using a 3D printer. 

Ford Maverick 3D Printer CAD Files 

Ford has taken the Maverick’s endless customization options one step further by releasing CAD files for its Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS), providing customers with clear outlines to 3D print their own accessories, including cup holders, phone mounts, center console organization, and under-seat solutions. Whether you are using your own 3D printer or a third-party service, Ford engineers recommend a few guidelines when creating your own accessories, including: 

  • Make sure you create a breakaway feature so you don’t damage any part of the console.
  • Maintain a maximum breakaway threshold of 17 pounds.
  • For heavier accessories, use the vehicle floor for additional support.
  • You can also use the area surrounding the FITS slot for additional support.
  • Properly secure your accessory and any stowed items to avoid them shifting or becoming loose during hard braking, acceleration, or crashes, which could result in personal injury.
  • See your Owner’s Manual for important information.

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