Top 10 Hiking Spots in Michigan to Explore this Summer

August 1st, 2022 by

Couple sitting in hammock outside in front of their 2022 Bronco 4 door bought from Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI

Are you looking for a delightful escape from the city this Summer? Bill Brown Ford has you covered. Discover one (or more!) of these spectacular hikes across Michigan, from easy breezy to challenging adventures. At all difficulty levels, there is a path for every outdoor enthusiast. Take advantage of your G.O.A.T Modes on your Bronco sport, or put your best-in-class F-150 to the test. 

Rotary Park Loop

Livonia, Michigan

This 1.6-mile loop trail at Rotary Park offers a relaxing trip in a beautiful setting located right in town. The route is considered easy and takes an average of 29 minutes to complete, which makes it great for the whole family to enjoy the river view or a quick afternoon walk—looking for a more strenuous hike? There are also plenty of other trail options to explore the woods of this nature preserve further and extend your hike. Whatever you have planned for the day, Rotary Park always has the perfect trail for outdoor lovers.


Maybury Hiking Trail Loop

Northville, Michigan

This 4-mile loop stretches from one side to the other of the Maybury State Park near Northville, Michigan. Generally considered an easy route, this beautiful trail takes an average of one hour to complete. Maybury is a great place to view wildlife, especially the variety of bird species. The hiking trail is well marked and mapped at every junction, and in between them is marked by green posts with a hikers icon. The path is also dog friendly and easy for all age groups. Spend a lovely weekend enjoying this superb scenery at Maybury with your family!


Paint Creek Trail

Rochester, Michigan

The Paint Creek Trail is an 8.9-mile linear park in northeast Oakland County. It was the first “Non-Motorized Rail-to-Trail” in the State of Michigan, as it was converted to a trail from the former Penn Central Railroad. The 8-feet wide, smooth all-weather limestone surface makes it ideal for various activities, including jogging, hiking, and mountain biking all year round. Enjoy a quiet look at nature and scenic open space along the way with your friends and family.


Bird Hills Trail

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Head out on this 4.9-mile loop trail near Ann Arbor, Michigan! Bird Hills Nature Area is the largest natural area in the city at 146 acres. Take note that the area is closed to bicycles to prevent damage from erosion. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the unpaved trails that wind through hills and ravines covered with beech, sugar maple, flowering dogwood, oaks, hickory, and various wildflowers. Bird Hills is a sanctuary for hikers: spend your time through the beautiful undeveloped forested areas and appreciate the pure beauty of nature!


Island Lake Yellow Trail Loop

South Lyon, Michigan

Generally considered a moderate-level route, this 5.5-mile loop trail traverses on the east side of the Island Lake State Recreation Area, stretching along the Huron River and incredible vistas. The terrain is relatively easy and perfect for families visiting and camping. Enjoy the picturesque view and surround yourself with wildlife for a short escape from the metro areas! The park also has the 9-mile Blue Loop option for experienced riders to spin out and work on their cardio.


Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve Loop

Southfield, Michigan

Get to know this 1.3-mile easy-level loop trail near Southfield, Michigan. The Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve features 42 acres of woodlands, forested wetlands, and native meadows overlooking the beautiful Carpenter Lake. The lake offers fishing and viewing platforms with various species inhabiting the lake. The trail is well marked with interpretive signs, trailheads, and numerous benches to assist visitors, making it a beautiful short trail for kids, dogs, and hikers of all experience levels. 


Koppernick Section: Tonquish, Beech, and Tulip Loop

Westland, Michigan

Experience this his 2.7-mile moderate-level loop trail near Westland, Michigan. Located at Holiday Forest and Wildlife Preserve, which features 500-plus acres of forest and wetlands that run along tributaries of the Rouge River. The Preserve is a place of beauty and tranquility. Head out to the trail and enjoy this unique local resource with your family and friends!


Empire Bluff Trail

Honor, Michigan

Located near Empire, Michigan, this 1.5-mile round trip trail climbs through a beech-maple forest with wildflowers and a coastal bluff featuring the iconic double-dune view. Enjoy boardwalks, an observation deck overlooking Lake Michigan, and a large chunk of the national lakeshore. The Empire Bluff Trail is also a popular place to enjoy a spectacular sunset and meteor showers. A few hill climbs on the way give the trail a moderate difficulty rating, but the effort is well worth it to experience one of Michigan’s best trails. 


Chapel Falls to Mosquito Falls Loop

Munising, Michigan

This 10.4-mile loop trail between Chapel Falls and Mosquito Falls is located at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore near Munising, Michigan. The trail starts at Chapel Basin Parking and leads to stunning views of the shoreline, rocky cliffs, arch formations, and cliff beaches. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the waves crashing against the sandstorm. The hike is a must for avid hikers and an easy-to-moderate hike for beginners. Spend your weekend here to fully appreciate the vast expanse of the largest freshwater lake in North America!


Manistee River Trail & North Country Trail Loop

Manistee County, Michigan

Nestled in the Manistee National Forest near Brethren, Michigan, this 20-mile loop is one of the best for your weekend adventure! The hike offers a varied perspective of the natural beauty of Manistee County and its impressive scenery, including the Manistee River, a waterfall, a creek, a suspension bridge, and a large forest. This moderate-level, kid-friendly, and dog-accessible trail is a relaxing hike with a group of friends or family for a weekend getaway. If you are starting in the evening, get to the NCT overlook, set up a camp, and be ready to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset radiating across the natural landscape of Manistee County! 


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