Unlock Unbeatable Savings With Ford’s AXZ Plan Pricing At Bill Brown Ford

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AXZ Plan Pricing At Bill Brown Ford

AXZ Plan Pricing At Bill Brown Ford

Are you in the market for a new Ford vehicle? Are you an employee or retiree of Ford Motor Company? If so, Ford’s AXZ Plan Pricing, available at Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI, offers an exclusive opportunity to save big on your next Ford purchase. Let’s dive into what Ford’s AXZ Plan is, who’s eligible, and how Bill Brown Ford, the largest AXZ-Plan dealership, can make your car-buying experience a breeze.

Understanding Ford’s AXZ Plan Pricing

AXZ Plan Pricing is Ford’s way of recognizing and rewarding its most valuable assets: current employees, retirees, their partners, families, and friends. This pricing program consists of three plans: A-Plan, Z-Plan, and X-Plan.

  • A-Plan and Z-Plan: These plans cater to current Ford employees, retirees, and their immediate families. Each eligible person is allocated four PINs per year, which can be used to purchase a new Ford vehicle at discounted rates through Bill Brown Ford. This New Vehicle Purchase Program offers exceptional savings on a wide range of Ford vehicles, from the iconic F-150 to the versatile Escape, Edge, and Explorer models.
  • X-Plan: Designed for non-Ford Motor Company employees, the X-Plan provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of driving a Ford vehicle. Eligible individuals, such as friends and neighbors, can be sponsored by a Ford employee or may qualify based on their affiliation with a partner company or organization.


What Vehicles Qualify For AXZ-Plan Pricing?


Bill Brown Ford: Your AXZ Plan Destination

Located in Livonia, Michigan, Bill Brown Ford is the country’s largest AXZ-Plan dealership. With a commitment to delivering more new Ford vehicles through the AXZ Discount Plan than any other dealership globally, Bill Brown Ford is the ultimate destination for AXZ Plan Pricing.

At Bill Brown Ford, the AXZ Plan opens the door to incredible savings on a broad spectrum of Ford vehicles. From the rugged F-150 to the family-friendly Explorer and everything in between, you can enjoy substantial discounts on your favorite models. And if you’re seeking a personalized configuration, Bill Brown Ford offers an extra $1,000 off certain vehicles when you custom order your new 2023/2024 Ford.

TrueView™ Inventory

Bill Brown Ford offers a TrueView™ Inventory feature allowing you to shop only available on-the-lot vehicles. This innovative online shopping experience empowers you to determine your discount through AXZ-Plan pricing on eligible models. With over 700 new vehicles, including popular choices like the Escape, Edge, and Explorer, you can find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs and preferences.


 TrueView™ Inventory


Customers Mark & Katelyn’s AXZ Plan Journey

Real customers, real benefits – that’s what the AXZ Plan Pricing at Bill Brown Ford is all about. Mark and Katelyn recently utilized Ford’s AXZ Plan to switch from their Ford Explorer to a brand-new 2023 Ford F-150 Hybrid. 

Looking for a hybrid vehicle with great gas mileage, Mark and Katelyn turned to Bill Brown, Sales Support Representative Ryan Owens, for guidance. Ryan’s expertise and commitment were evident as he not only assisted them through the leasing process but also personally delivered their new Ford F-150 Hybrid to their doorstep in Wyandotte.

Ryan Owens explained, “The Piccolis were interested in a hybrid vehicle because of the fantastic gas mileage. I was able to find this F-150 via the TrueView inventory – it was an FCTP unit with 500 miles, which meant it was applicable for an extra rebate on top of their Z-Plan discount.”

This personalized experience highlights Bill Brown Ford’s dedication to our customers. The AXZ Plan Pricing isn’t just about discounts; it’s about crafting solutions tailored to individual preferences. 

Unlock The Benefits Of Ford’s AXZ Plan At Bill Brown Ford

At Bill Brown Ford, it’s more than just selling cars; it’s about creating meaningful success stories through great pricing and exceptional customer service. Whether trading in, upgrading, or entering the Ford world, Bill Brown Ford is committed to making it a memorable and satisfying experience.

Take advantage of the exclusive benefits offered by Ford’s AXZ Plan Pricing at Bill Brown Ford. Whether you’re a Ford employee, retiree, or connected to the company, you can unlock significant savings on your next Ford purchase. With the guidance and expertise of the largest AXZ-Plan dealership in the nation, your journey to owning a new Ford has never been smoother. AXZ-Plan employee incentives may be combined with other eligible discounts. Contact Bill Brown Ford today to learn more about eligible models, current offers, specials, and deals. 


 TrueView™ Inventory

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