What is the Ford X Plan?

For non-Ford Motor Company employees, X-Plan provides an opportunity to experience the benefits of driving a Ford Motor Company vehicle. Selected individuals may be sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee or may be eligible as an employee or member of a partner company or organization. Current X-Plan programs that recognize an ongoing relationship include: Supplier Partner Recognition, Fleet Account Employee Appreciation and Friends & Neighbors.

Who is eligible for Ford Motor Company X-Plan?

Friends, Neighbors & Ford Partners

An eligible Partner Recognition (see list of approved partners) employee or retiree may generate up to two (2) PINs per calendar year to be used towards the purchase/lease of a new vehicle for them or members of their households as noted below:

  • Employees (full time, part-time and contract), retirees and spouses of eligible Partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and members of specific organizations or groups.
  • Residents of the same household as listed above (driver's license required for proof of residency).
  • Participation is by invitation only as determined by Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company. Not all suppliers, fleets, etc. are eligible.
  • Friends and Neighbors
  • Eligible Ford employee or retiree may sponsor up to 4 PINs per year for any friend or neighbors
How Does the Partner recognition program work?

The Plan is based on the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in conjunction with the last 4 digits of the eligible participants' Social Security Number. This information authorizes the participant to obtain a discount on eligible new Ford Motor Company or Lincoln Motor Company vehicle.

How many vehicles may be obtained through the Ford Partner Recognition (X Plan)?

Eligible employees, retirees and their spouses may purchase or lease four vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program (X Plan). Vehicles must be titled and registered in the eligible employee or spouse's name (vehicles may not be titled or registered in a company name). No other family members are eligible for Partner Recognition pricing.

What is Ford Partner Recognition (X-Plan) Pricing?

Partner Recognition pricing is a special pre-determined price, which is based on the following: Ford Employee (A-Plan) price plus 4% plus $150.

Are Ford X-Plan participants eligible for other incentives?

Yes - for most. Partner recognition participants are eligible for all public incentives and many incentives normally paid to the dealer. There are some special offers that are not compatible with this offer. Participants should ask Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, Michigan to determine which incentives they are eligible for.

Are any other items covered through the Ford X-Plan?

No - Accessories, conversion packages, extended warranties, etc. are not covered by this program and must be agreed-upon between the participant and Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, Michigan.

Can I obtain a vehicle for my business or for another person with X Partner Plan?

Yes - You may extend your Partner Recognition privileges to your spouse or any member of your household (requires driver's license verification). Additionally, you may purchase the vehicle in the name of a business owned by you, your spouse or household member.

Will I ever see a price lower then the X-Plan?

Occasionally a dealer will run a special or "loss leader" vehicle in their advertisement, to generate traffic or move older inventory, with a price identical to or in some cases lower than X-Plan. Remember to always ask to see a copy of the invoice to confirm the X-Plan price. Always keep in mind that customers using the X-Plan program do not pay dealer admin fees, which may be an additional cost on alternative price points.

How many PINs are Ford Partners eligible for each year?

As eligible Ford Partner a company employee or retiree may generate up to 2 PINs per year.

How many PINs are Ford X friends and neighbors eligible for each year?

For friends and neighbors, all eligible ford employees or retirees may sponsor up to 4 PINs per year.

Once I receive my PIN, how do I use it for a vehicle with the plan discount?

Provide the dealer with your PIN and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. The dealer can confirm with this data that you are an eligible Plan participant. You will be required to provide appropriate "proof of identity" and sponsors "proof of employment" to the dealer before completing the sale.

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