Decode Hidden Easter Eggs In The 2023 Ford Bronco

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2023 Bronco Hidden Easter Eggs

Where Are The Easter Eggs On The Ford Bronco?

If you’re a true Ford Bronco enthusiast, you probably know that the excitement of owning this iconic vehicle goes beyond its rugged performance and off-road capabilities. The 2023 Ford Bronco is loaded with hidden surprises known as “Easter eggs,” which add an extra layer of charm to the driving experience. Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, Michigan, as we take a closer look at some of these hidden secrets with ambassadors Sean and Amanda from Our Bronco Life.


What Are The Easter Eggs On The Ford Bronco?

1. The Bronco Pony Hunt

When it comes to Easter eggs in the Ford Bronco, the Bronco pony emblem takes center stage. It’s not just relegated to the grill or tailgate – Ford has ingeniously scattered the Bronco pony all around the vehicle. From the headlights to unexpected nooks and crannies, this emblem pops up where you least expect it, reminding you that you’re part of an exclusive Bronco family.

2. Bronco Logo Silhouettes

Step inside the Bronco, and you’ll realize that even the interior isn’t spared from the Easter egg hunt. Unlike other vehicles where button emblems and logos might blend into the background, the interior logos in the Bronco are silhouettes of the Bronco itself instead of generic vehicles. This attention to detail reinforces the sense of adventure and unity that every Bronco owner shares making your Ford SUV truly unique. 

3. Bolts of Versatility

Have you ever noticed the bolts throughout the SUV that say “Bronco” on them? They’re more than just your regular hardware. Each of these bolts signifies that the component is accessory-ready and can be removed. Giving you the freedom to customize your Bronco according to your preferences and needs, embracing the true spirit of personalization.

4. Coordinates To The Heart of Testing

The Bronco’s Easter eggs hold something special for those who relish the history and testing grounds behind their vehicles. On the passenger-side B-pillar and inside the tailgate, you’ll discover coordinates pointing to the Bronco Knoll in Johnson Valley, California. This is where Ford rigorously tested the Bronco, ensuring it lives up to its legendary off-road prowess.

5. The Lasso Logo of Utility

Practicality meets creativity in the rear cargo area of the Bronco. Here, a lasso logo guides you to the tie-down points, making securing your cargo a breeze. It’s not just a functional design but a nod to the Bronco’s ability to take on any adventure while keeping your gear safe and secure.

6. A Playful Challenge

Saving the best for last, one of the most amusing Easter eggs hides in plain sight within the front wheel wells. Amidst the dust and grime, you’ll find the words “Lift me, baby.” It’s a subtle invitation, challenging you to embrace the rugged spirit of the Bronco and take on new terrains fearlessly.


2023 Bronco Easter Eggs

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